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Dr. Dona Cooper-Dockery, M.D

               Get Healthy With Dr. Cooper is subsidiary of  the Non-profit organization : Faithful Path International Ministries ( 501c3 Organization). This TV show is designed to educate communities on various important lifestyle principles, such as healthy nutrition, physical exercise, and stress management which are important in diseases modification and thus could assist in preventing, improving or reversing chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Disease, Obesity, Sleep Apnea and even some cancers.

                Dr. Cooper-Dockery is board certified in Internal Medicine and has been practicing medicine for about 24 years. Over the past few years she has integrated lifestyle medicine into her full-time Internal Medicine practice and has seen that her patients disease processes are much better controlled . Many of these patients have even reversed their chronic diseases such as diabetes and hyperlipidemia . Other patients are losing weight , some are reporting better pain control and while some are enjoying a sense of better overall wellbeing, Dr. Cooper-Dockery is very active in the community giving health lectures , or just volunteering with different non-profit organizations. Her unique brand of healing includes incorporating nutritient-rich meals, exercise, sleep, including a mind free of stress. It is important to ascertain causes; the cure is in the cause!


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